MODU Half Balls | Yellow

MODU Half Balls | Yellow

MODU Half Balls | Yellow

  • 325.00 Lei

  • Ex Tax: 325.00 Lei

Roll, throw, catch. Split, balance, decorate. MODU half balls put a great spin to the MODU play experience. Together they offer all the fun you know from foam balls. As individual blocks, the half balls are perfect for stepping stones on the floor as well as eyes, headlights or humps on your creation. 4 half balls and 5 connector pegs

➕ Made of EVA foam and food-grade ABS

➕ Create foam balls or connect with MODU system

Creations : foam balls, stepping stones and lots more with the MODU system

Ages : 0 - 6 years Max. weight : 30 kg

Materials : EVA foam & food-grade ABS

Dimensions : Ø10 - Ø20 cm

Care & upkeep : wipe clean, take to bath, dishwasher safe

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