About Us


David and Thea is a project inspired by our children. With them, we relive our childhood and relearn the simple but charming things.

We should all cultivate the free and courageous spirit of the little ones, keep it in us all the time, and celebrate it with the products we use in the rhythm of our lives.

In this project we have gathered all the qualities of children: the honesty with which they relate to the environment around them, the curiosity and openness to new discoveries, the courage to always try something else, the perseverance and guidance with which they grow every day, transforming.

David and Thea is a family-friendly project for all families. We believe in respecting and celebrating diversity, and the concept of family includes everything from love, gentleness and respect.

We want to promote the family - conceptual family based on the diverse realities and experiences of those around us. Moreover, we try with every small gesture to increase the understanding of the various experiences we live, when we relate to society.

It upholds a philosophy of gentleness, cheerfulness and inclusion. We keep the spirit of childhood and the soul ties, family in every object we bring for your child and for you.

David and Thea is about children of all ages and families of all kinds.

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