BORRN Silicone Bottle | 150 ml

BORRN Silicone Bottle | 150 ml

BORRN Silicone Bottle | 150 ml

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Mess-free Our 2-piece-design baby bottle makes things easy breezy.

Harm-free Our LSR twin-shot molding technology produces baby bottles with total silicone inner surface, ensuring at no point does milk touch the plasticz.

Burp-free The ultra-wide neck design mimics the breastfeeding experience and thus allows easy transition from breast to bottle. Safety Our highest priority.

BORRN is BPA free, safe and non-toxic, our materials apply medical standard, certified with ISO standards and FDA registered. Quality No compromise. BORRN experts high standard quality controls to ensure our products are durable and reliable. Design Design is the crucial components of our brand, simplicity along with functionality makes BORRN a prominent and credible brand. Materials Lid: PP Heat: Hidden Plastic + Food-grade silicone Bottle: Hidden Plastic + Food-grade silicone

Dimension & weight

Weight: 147g


Cleaning Before each use, always clean all components After use, always wash all components one by one thoroughly with warm soapy water, and rinse in clean water. Sterilise all components with boiling water for 5 minutes, keeping all components completely immersed in the water Keep dry and clean All components are suitable for use in electric steam sterillser and dishwashers (Top rack only)

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